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About John Tonsbeek 
& PEMF Therapy

picture of John Tonsbeek

About John Tonsbeek & PEMF Therapy

Who is John Tonsbeek?

And What is His Experience with this Form of Therapy?

I discovered the health and pain alleviating benefits of PEMF therapy some 20 years ago when I first invested in the MRS 2000 PEMF system from Swiss Bionic Solutions at the age of 53. - (MRS stands for Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) 

Being in my 50's at the time, my very physical past in the Dutch Marines Special Boat Service finally caught up me as I had started to experience pain in my lower back, in my once broken shoulder and ankle more frequently.

picture of MRS 2000 PEMF system
Dutch Marines Special Boat Serice medalion
picture of SBS MARSOF medalian

I have always taken a keen interest in looking after my health.

So,  when I was presented with the  book 'Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy', written  by an Austrian medical doctor by the name of Dr. Christian Thuile about the health, pain alleviating and healing benefits of magnetic field therapy, I became immediately interested!

Below I show just a section of the treatment headings, which was supported by 
photographs, medical practitioners' reports and references to existing studies and also included testimonials from clients who had used this therapy to address a host of different ailments and pain conditions etc.

I was so impressed, I purchased the MRS 2000 PEMF device on the spot!

Practice of magnetic field therapy book
picture of chapters in a book

Investing in an iMRS prime PEMF system is Not Cheap!

I use the word 'investing' here because that's what I believe you are actually doing!

You are investing in your current and future health, and most importantly, also in your  future quality of life as you grow older. At least, that's how I looked at it at the time I made that impromptu decision to purchase the device on the spot.

However, little did I expect to get the  angry reaction I received from my wife Ruth when I returned home with my 'anti-aging machine!' I was told in no uncertain words to immediately return it and ask for my money back!


picture of dented car after accident
imrs pemf prbe applicator on wrist
image of man and woman

It took an unfortunate car accident some 6 or 7 months later for Ruth to finally accept my purchase of the MRS 2000 as a wise decision and investment and she became completely converted!

Ruth had suffered a severe whiplash and an injured right wrist in the accident. As we were covered by insurance, we attended the best doctors and physiotherapists but they were unable to help Ruth. One doctor even wanted to operate on her wrist but Ruth refused.

She was in continous pain, which greatly impacted on her ability to sleep. After a couple of weeks, I suggested that she try my device! She finally relented and started treating herself on the body mat, pillow pad and using the probe applicator on her wrist at least 3 times a day.

Within a matter of  5 days the pain had almost completely subsided and Ruth had started to sleep much better.

Life had taken on a new meaning for her and she's was ever so grateful for me having purchased the MRS 2000!  :-)

Want to Become and STAY Healthier & Pain-Free as You Age?

You've come to right place!

To be able to retain your health, energy and youthfulness as you age is no easy task.
The genes you have inherited from your parents and ancestors do play a role but only to the extent of about 30% according medical science. The rest is up to you and if you wish to do so properly it takes dedication, time, self-discipline and money!

The investment I made in my first PEMF device 20 years ago also required a hefty financial commitment, which was the reason for why Ruth was so angry with me because I had failed to ask for her approval first. Like I said, I made the decision to purchase it purely for instinctive reasons at the time and did so in the moment! 

PAIN - especially chronic pain makes our lives miserable in our older years.
Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions encountered by healthcare professionals, particularly among  the older generations after age 65. Many of us require surgery to deal with crook knees and hips not to mention all the other ailments that have befallen us often due to injuries sustained when we were young.

I know I did when at age 65, I had to undergo a hip replacement surgery, having walked with a damaged hip for 47 years after a SBS helicopter drop went wrong in January 1968!

Daily PEMF therapy helped me recover from this surgery and the surgery was successful. I now treat my hip every day with the pillow pad to prevent the loosening of the prosthesis.

It's my firm belief that noninvasive strategies like PEMF therapy are needed to enhance the success of the implantation procedure by increasing bone formation around the prosthesis and lowering local inflammation, especially in cementless implants. PEMF stimulation is ideal for this. 

Regular & Consistent PEMF Therapy Reduces Inflammation!

image of man with broken leg

17 January 1968
After SBS Helicopter Incident

Pain reduced by half
after just one PEMF treatment

The effectiveness of PEMFs in enhancing endogenous bone repair and reducing inflammatory processes has been shown in multiple studies. 

This became very evident in the case of 74-year old grandfather Ken who, after eight (8) weeks of suffering excruciating pain from a knee-replacement surgery that had gone horribly wrong, hired one of my iMRS PEMF systems.

After just one treatment, his pain subsided by 50%!

Within four (4) weeks Ken experienced a major turn around in his pain, in his depression and in his mobility as you will hear in the extract of  his video testimonial on the right!

So, How Can I Help You? 
What Makes Me Different From Others?

I can help you help yourself !

So, what do I mean with that statement?

First of all, what sets me apart from most other Swiss Bionic  Solutions representatives is that I have been using the company's products  for  over 20 years now and I am familiar with what you can and cannot  expect from this type of treatment over time.

Where I play an important role as your PEMF coach is that I will encourage you to stay persistent and help you along the way if you are willing to cooperate.

What you need to understand is that the disease or chronic pain you are suffering from has usually taken years to manifest in your body, so you cannot expect an immediate reversal of your health or pain dilemma overnight! 

We are all different but age, how long you have suffered the affliction and the degree to which your body is hydrated all play an important role in the 'healing' process with PEMF therapy.

Many people experience tremendous results within the first week or two of using their system like 74-year old Ken did with his recovery from knee surgey. However, for some people, results come more slowly, and we can react to that by fine-tuning the treatment protocol and that's where I play a role as your PEMF therapy coach. 

The body takes time to heal once it is given the appropriate signal or stimulus and it will require a regular and consistent treatment schedule to obtain the healing results you are after. This might take a few days, weeks or even a year or more!

A fracture, for example, will take 8 to 12 weeks to heal to a point where the bone can be used. This does not mean the healing process is complete, but just that the body part is usable once again. Magnetic therapies can speed the healing rate, but they cannot work miracles!

Chronic illness is rarely, if ever, an instantaneous happening—the same is true of 'healing'. We did not get to our current health state overnight, and therefore we are unlikely to heal overnight!

One thing is for sure!

When your health improves and the pain stops or subsides, life begins!